Were you a Subscriber with Skyvision?

Do you own a Big c band Dish? Were you a subscriber with Skyvision, Programming Center, or National Programming Service "NPS"? Well those companies once big names in the big dish market are no more. They no longer can address your TV programming needs.

But you're in luck, a small company started in 2013 by a few old time c band enthusiasts saw the writing on the wall and stepped up to the plate just for you the c band dish user. Born was Rainier Satellite LLC out of Washington state.

Rainier has been growing steadily over the years offering satellite products and TV programming for the DTH market. But were keeping up with technology too. Rainier is getting ready to launch Satellite delivered internet in addition to our satellite TV service.

Let Rainier attend to your Needs. Click on the links below for more information.
C Band TV
I need Programming for my Big Dish
Internet Services
I need Intenet Services